Frequently Asked Questions about Online Ordering


Not already a customer? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about ordering with Clonal Technologies.

Can anyone purchase from Clonal Technologies?


Clonal Technologies happily supplies all industries from the general public to multinational corporations.


How do I get a new login and password to start ordering online?


If you are already an account holding customer with Clonal Technologies, simply email us at or call 1300 795 335. We will respond back with a user name and password. Your account will be activated for online ordering on the next day.

If you have never ordered from Clonal Technologies, and would like to hold an individual or company account, simply email us at or call 1300 795 335. Your user name and password should be available within a few days. There are many benefits to having a customer account, including special pricing, online ordering, and delayed payment. (Read Terms of Trade).


Why aren't there any prices next to products?


Login with your user name and password to see your specialised pricing for products. See above if you do not have your user name and password.


What is your return policy?


Clonal Technologies is committed to customer satisfaction and we accept returns or can simply send out a replacement product. Please contact us before shipping it back, to let us know it is coming and ensure you receive a credit. Read more about our return policy.


Is online ordering secure? 


Online ordering with Clonal Technologies is secure in a number of ways. Firstly, we have your account details on file.

We confirm the delivery address against our records and check your order for consistency before shipping it to a known delivery address. We send email confirmation to the specified email address, and only provide a user name and passwords to specific employees at your company. Currently, there is no need to enter credit card information online.

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